Staying Empowered while Panicking

Am I panicking? I don’t really know.

I guess it’s just body sensations – tightness in the chest, quickened heart beat, brain not thinking clearly,………..

When does it happen?

When I don’t know what to do………when I stop to think……when I am annoyed or mad at someone……when I am not getting my own way……..when I listen to someone tell me how bad everything is and not to go out…………

Interesting, right?

When I’m busy I’m fine. When I’m staying present, I’m fine. So, ………(duh)…….I’ll stay busy and present then. It’s just a matter of remembering.

I can always stay busy by writing blogs, recording videos, reading, reaching out to people, getting on a web call, and, oh yes I forgot, even working……….

I have to do an interview in 5 minutes so I am trying to type fast.

This is the first day in 3 where I have felt the panic so I am using it to empower others….

How to Stay Empowered during a Crisis

[OMG – I was on the phone with my daughter and while talking to her I posted that video to Facebook. Breathe, breathe, breathe – out of my comfort zone – who am I to have something to say, etc. Well, it’s done so let it go and move on………OK, thanks.]


I just had a lovely interview with a potential high school intern. She was mature, poised and knew what she was looking for. As a high school senior back in the day, I would not have been that mature. I would have been more interested in fun, boys, and enjoying my life until college started. I’m very impressed with both young ladies I have interviewed so far.

OK, gotta go back to work.

Hang in there. And, if you know anyone with Corona, please let me know. I have a friend in healthcare who knows how to reduce/eliminate the virus early. I’m not publicizing his cure, but I could get you in touch with him directly. That knowledge has definitely calmed me down and I hope it will calm you down as well.

More soon.

Thanks for listening,

Empowering Corona Context

Not a good picture, but the message is good

Hey folks, I am still positive about the current environment. I am hoping this can help someone who is nervous, negative or gnarly. (3 N’s – sort of!).

Some people I talk to are swirling in the news, “hotbeds”, don’t go here, don’t go there, and it’s easy to get sucked in.

And I almost did last night on my way to Trader Joe’s in Westport. “The hotbed. Don’t shop there. Don’t go there. Wear gloves. Don’t breathe.” I almost listened to my friends.

But I went anyway because I needed some eggs and bananas.

People were wearing plastic gloves and not getting to close to each other. When I got in the check out line I was told to stand behind the line. It was drawn on the floor in colored paint.

“OK,” I said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see it.”

“No problem,” the check out man said.

I’m not saying that was bad, I’m just saying it is different.

I don’t know what’s right or real. I’m trying to separate out the facts.

What I do know is this:

  • we are in uncertain times
  • we are living in an unknown, never been done before situation
  • we don’t really know what this virus is like
  • we don’t know what happens if you get it
  • we think we know it’s very contagious
  • we think we know there are cases in our area

That’s about it.

  • we also know that most places are closed
  • there are certain occupations that are still working – hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants for take out, police, fire, necessary government workers to run things and pay people, some other stores

What else do we know?

  • I’m not sure.

As long as we don’t make conclusions, per a wise mentor of mine, we won’t get stuck. Making conclusions has us create a reality for ourselves. Then we live inside of that conclusion as if it’s reality even though we made it up. We can get very upset inside of those constructs.

And it’s hard to get out if you don’t know it’s not real. That’s my interpretation of her statement. And, I think it’s very useful to remember in this time of grave uncertainty. (Do you like that word, grave? I think it’s pretty good actually.)

I am going to try to remember to be careful about what I am taking as truth or fact. So I don’t go down the tubes like I originally did. (Just watch the video to see where I went – it was pretty frightening).

Like I usually do.

Anyone care to join me? Let’s keep each other empowered.

Let me know.

Thanks for listening. Hang in there.

Me, Positive? Seriously?

Yes I am being positive during this crisis. Can you believe it?

Yes, it’s true. Negative Nellie here is having a good time and keeping everyone else positive. It’s amazing.

The quote that has empowered me is: “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste.”

Well, I have no eyes, but at least I’m smiling!!!

I am trying to keep my agents and other managers positive!! They are all freaking out and doomsday. It is cracking me up that I’m the positive one. As I said, I think I need a good crisis to rise to the occasion.

Check back in a few days. I may have sunk over to the left side by then. (I’m kidding, I hope).

My boss is doing a virtual interview with potential recruits. Usually there are 7 or 8 who show up in person. He has 21 who showed up virtually. Isn’t that amazing?

The group of us managers are commenting via text and I am LMAO’ing. This is really fun!!!

OK, back to work. Anyone who wants to practice on Zoom or just get in touch, please send me an email:

I’ll return the favor when I need it. I’m happy to listen, empathize or cheer you up.

Thanks for listening.

Stay healthy!!!

The New Normal – How to Stay Connected

I’ve only REALLY been stuck at home since yesterday.

And I have to say that I like it so far.

I have been more connected to people being home than I usually am.

We are using Zoom. I have been doing courses using Zoom for a few years. It is an amazing technology that everyone can use. You feel like you are in the same living room even though you are just using your computer.

You can try it for free. Or, reach out to me and I will set up a call with you to show you what it can do. It is truly remarkable.

I am not a sales person for zoom.

I just know that I am feeling connected even though I am literally alone in my house.

I don’t know how bad this Corona thing is going to get. There are several interpretations I have:

  • stay home – you’ll be fine
  • stay home and hope you weren’t infected before you got home
  • basically stay home
  • I’ve heard most of us won’t know we even have the virus – we are doing this for the people at risk and for the healthcare system
  • Stay calm – it’s no big deal
  • Hope you don’t get it and neither does anyone you know

I hope you enjoyed the last bullet. I had fun writing it because that’s what I originally thought. I was literally looking around the gym two weeks ago thinking that in two weeks we would all be dead. I am happy to report that that was not the case.

I have heard from doctors saying that this is all overblown.

That this is the same SAR virus from several years back. At that time it was not overblown and not all over social media so there was no widespread panic.

I have heard that healthy people will be fine.

And I heard about a healthy young man who had the virus, had to be hospitalized due to burning in his chest, but now is fine.

The point is, we really don’t know what to believe.

The best thing we can do is: Have Courage and Be Kind. Have Faith. Stay connected by phone or virtually. Support each other.

I know that I am unusally positive. It surprises me, too. I think I rise to a challenge way better than I do to normal every day funks. I am energized by the opportunity to connect in new ways and support each other.

I hope you are all well. Please reach out if you want to stay connected.

Much love,


Empowering Corona Context

Hey guys:

I have a very empowering Corona context that I shared on my video. Watch it if you are curious. I am very calm in the face of this new, strange world we are living in.

I heard today that someone predicted this whole thing back in 2008. I have to get more details. Isn’t that amazing, though?

The third thing is not resisting my experience. It was a truly miraculous today. I share what happened on my video.

Tonight I am home alone and so happy to be here. It’s been a busy week without much time to sit and reflect and chill out. Tonight is the night.

My new studio. A little dark, but less wrinkles show this way!!!!!

OK, enjoy. Have a great night.

Thanks for listening.

Who’s Right and Speaking Up?

OK, our seminar last night was about where we lie.

When I’m lying, or not saying what’s really there, I am shut down, mute, pleasant and people pleasing and life is not fun.

This video is about three things:

  • speaking up to the guy
  • narcissistic vs using myself as the guinea pig (oops I forgot this in version 3 – next time)
  • who’s right about the corona virus
  • video was too long. I will have to try later. I certainly learned alot by recording it.

Third video: I recorded just the highlights. What I learned was why I wasn’t in action on my project.

  • I had decided I was an ass hole for thinking I could have what I want


  • My 2 year old conversation is that I’m right about that I can’t have what I want

So therefore, if I think I CAN have what I want, I’m an ass hole for thinking it.

It’s a circular mind fuck where I am guaranteed to suffer.

Having distinguished that, I can now get back into action. This was very valuable for me to distinguish. YAY!!

It’s taken a few weeks but that’s ok. My seminar helped me last night to distinguish my recurring upset. It’s pretty much always some version of I can’t have what I want. That is very powerful to see.

When things aren’t the way I want them to be, it’s an automatic upset. This helps me see that and regain my power, freedom and happiness. What a huge victory over the left side of left.

Have a great day!! Thanks for listening.

Here is take #3.

Easier to paraphrase the third time!!!

New Context for Resistance

I was listening to Oprah today. Steve Pressfield was on and talking about RESISTANCE. My ears perked up. I kept missing what he was saying and had to keep rewinding so I could take notes.

I ordered one of his books and I’m so excited. Resistance is normal when you are growing – when you take on something new, resistance is normal. It feels physical, but it’s not. You CAN get through it to freedom. You CAN do the uncomfortable thing even though you FEEL resistance. That’s why I continue to blog and make videos – even though my resistance tells me I’m no good and stupid for thinking this is valuable. I’m doing it ANYWAY.

This video is about me resisting being ANNOYED. I was in a bad mood because I didn’t think I should be annoyed – I mean, shouldn’t I ALWAYS be happy? That thought made me even more upset.

Alas, why not record a video? I thought. It usually works to give me some freedom.

So I did. I got free by SHARING.

I couldn’t believe how free I got just by opening up my mouth and speaking. I feel like a different person. It was SO COOL.

Here’s the video:


I started out not knowing what to say……..somehow it worked and I got FREE!

Well, there you have it, folks!! Creating Life Out Here by Sharing, Saying the Unsaid, and Not resisting your experience.

I’m loving this exploration. Can’t wait to uncover some more fun ways to get free.

Have a great night and thanks for listening.