Having Life Work – Sorting Through the Crap

Sometimes I have a hard time making decisions.

I think I need to keep everyone happy.

If there’s something I want to do that I think will:

  • upset someone
  • make me feel like a “bad girl”
  • have me have to justify my actions
  • have me have to defend my actions
  • inconvenience someone
  • etc.

I torture myself with the decision.

Here’s my latest:

For 2 hours on Saturday I have a conflict. I am supposed to be in two courses at the same time.

I can make up the two hours for both in different ways: one I can make up by watching a recording and the other I can make up at another live weekend.

I am choosing to go to the first one instead of having to watch a recording. I will make up the two hours of the second one during another live weekend.


I don’t like to listen to recordings. I like to be in live courses where I can share and speak. This way I can be in two live courses instead of one live and one recording.

So that’s what I am going to do. Because I can make my life work the way I want it to.

Thank you. I was torn and having trouble sorting out WHY I chose that one and vacillating for 5 days over which way to do it.

I am just going to CHOOSE and stick with my decision.

And, I’m not a bad girl, getting anyone upset, having to defend or justify my actions, or inconveniencing anyone. Phew!

Thanks for listening.

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