First Live Show with Comedian Bobby Collins

Yesterday I recorded my first live show. It was on BBS Radio and went out to over 150 locations. I interviewed Bobby Collins, a 38 year veterian comedian. He has made his living doing comedy for all those years. Amazing. He is living the life many people can only dream of. And, he is a sweet heart of a man.

“Do the right thing,” is his motto. He grew up poor in Queens, NY as a shy boy. By high school, he became class president by using his humor to make friends and become popular. He taught high school and became a Garmento after college while honing his comedy craft. Eventually he took the full time leap into comedy and never looked back.

“I’m alive when I’m in front of an audience,” he said. “Before and after I’m a wreck, but while I’m on stage, I’m in the moment.”

“What’s the toughest challenge you’ve faced,” I asked.

I was surprised at his answer. I thought he would say sticking with the comedy or raising a special needs kid.

“Battling my mind that I’m not poor anymore.” I can’t remember his words exactly, but his facial expression will stick in my mind forever. He was grabbing his head with his hands and pulling his head up and down, squooshing his face together.

“You are not a poor boy from Queens anymore I have to keep telling myself. When my wife wants to spend money, it’s hard for me to just say yes. That’s my biggest challenge,” he continued.

I was nervous for 2 weeks before our interview. I didn’t know Bobby and didn’t know what the hell we would talk about for 55 minutes. I eased my anxiety by watching his comedy, reading his book, and talking to him on the phone a couple of times. That helped me understand more of who he is and what he stands for. I relaxed a little knowing we would just have a fun conversation.

As the minutes approached the 1:00 start time, my heart raced. Doug from BBS Radio was on the zoom with us. He has a great radio voice and did the introductions. Bobby and I started chatting at 1:00 on the nose. It was fun, but at 1:15 I had a moment of panic. How the hell were we were going to get through the next 40 minutes? What could we possibly talk about?

I took a breath and came back to the conversation. We made it through. Bobby is funny, generous, and a good person. I feel like I have made a wonderful new friend, even if we never actually speak again.

I learned life lessons by reading Bobby’s book, On The Inside. Bobby’s next appearances can be found at His next gig is sold out, so don’t wait to reserve tickets for October 21 in Bethlehem, PA or or October 27th in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Thank you, Bobby for being my first!! And don’t worry, I know you’re married. (He reminded me at the end of the show). Your relationship is an inspiration to all of us!!

Thank you for being a role model for the world for how to do the right thing, be a good person, use your brain, and live your REAL life. Thanks for Getting Real with Hilary.

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One thought on “First Live Show with Comedian Bobby Collins

  1. Great Hilary!! Can’t wait to find some time to listen. 😊

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