Brain Scramble

My son sent me a podcast by text with the message:

“This is amazing.”

It’s called 11 Steps to Better Brain Health and Success in Life with Dr. Daniel Amen.

“This is amazing” my son said. Given my Mom’s dementia, I decided to listen.”

I started listening in my car. It was amazing. I look forward to finishing it.

I am now sitting in my home, drinking my cup of coffee, and feeling the need to write so I can get some freedom.

What’s the problem?

I’ve only been through a few of the 11 steps on his podcast and I don’t like what I’m hearing:

  • caffeine – drinking a cup of Java right now – there’s a big pot of coffee creaking on the warmer right now, reminding me there is more to drink
  • alcohol – right now I’m not drinking because I’m following a 90 day program so I don’t feel bad currently about this one but I’m concerned about when I do go back to drinking
  • exercise – I’m good with this one – I do it every day

I know I have the incredible ability to turn education/comments/anything into a way to feel bad. Isn’t that a wonderful talent?

A big screaming “NO!!!”

I am writing this blog so that I can use the information I heard today in a more useful way.

My grandmother had dementia and my mom has dementia. My mom drinks coffee. My dad also drank coffee. He did not have dementia. He died with his faculties intact. So it’s not a direct causal relationship. Conclusion: Not everyone who drinks coffee gets dementia.

Here’s where the fear came in: In the past few months I have not been able to think of a word. Maybe about 3 times. But it scared the crap out of me.

Tom Ferry, the interviewer, had 4 major concussions and also noticed that he couldn’t come up with words. Daniel Amen fixed his brain. He is now fine.

I will continue to listen. I will pass on the podcast to my siblings since we all have the same mother.

I also learned that brain cells don’t age. What causes the problem is the blood flow. When the blood flow decreases, it can cause problems.

I can taper off my coffee. I don’t know if decaf is any better, but I can research it.

I can keep learning, not panic, and enjoy my freaking cup of coffee.

Please pass this podcast on to anyone you know who is concerned about their brain health.

Thanks for listening.

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