Pre-Vacation Jitters

I know I SHOULD be excited to go away, and I am, but it’s underneath a bunch of worries. For me, if I get them out, I can laugh about them and then get on with the FUN.

So here they are:

  • I seem extra heavy in the body/weight – what happened was I saw a picture of myself yesterday and my brain went crazy telling me that I’m kidding myself to think I look good – YOU ARE A BEAST! It tells me. I will have to eventually let that go. I am only 1.4 pounds higher than 2 weeks ago. If I am a beast now, I was a beast then so I might as well enjoy my BEASTHOOD in all it’s glory.
  • My hairdresser had COVID and so I have roots that are almost the size of COVID roots. Nothing I can do about it. Maybe I will only talk to short people so they can’t see the top of my head. Good plan.
  • My teeth are bothering me. The 3 bottom ones turned brown and my teeth feel disgusting. A miracle: in an hour they are squeezing me in at the dentist for a cleaning. I begged. If I didn’t get one today, they don’t have anything until the end of March which was WAY TOO LONG.
  • I finally got my nails done this week. I said it didn’t matter if I did them, but I was wrong. They are very short since I cut the crap out of them when I didn’t have a manicure, but at least they are not an EXTRA source of shame.
  • Clothes – why do I get crazy about clothes when I go away? I know what I like to wear. Just bring THOSE. Also, my daughter, who I’m visiting, says I don’t have to impress anyone. So that’s good. Like I can just let my stomach hang out and know one will care? We will see about that one.
  • Liquids – 3 ounces? that’s the size of a regular suntan lotion. I’m going to see if I can get it through security. It also said in a clear bag so I think I have to take them out of my black one and put them in a plastic clear bag. OY VAY!! Who made up these rules?
  • Mask – UGH! For 5 hours? I guess other people do it so I can too.
  • Books – I need books. I have been auditioning them so I don’t bring a dud. That’s just the way it is. I love to read good stuff.
  • Work – already I am doing less today. I think that’s wrong. But it’s vacation. So, learn to relax, dear, that’s what it’s all about.
  • My 2nd Book – I paid money to this guy who runs the WOW book club. I really wasn’t going to write another book. He said the first didn’t work since it was a memoir. People only want to read about famous people. Thanks alot, dude. So, I’m writing another one that’s not a memoir (sort of) because I do love to write. I will do it on the plane. That is not technically work.
  • My podcast – I will let that alone for now. If I want to interview someone while I’m away, fine. If not, I won’t. I’ll revisit when I’m back. I am putting it on my list. And, I can be aware of inspirational people that I can ask to be on my podcast at all times.
  • Completions – I was upset with 3 people. One called yesterday. One I talked to Tuesday. One I sent an email to this morning. So, yay for freedom.
  • FUN and CONTRIBUTION – Once I get there, I will be there for my daughter. If I have to communicate to get out of my head, I will. Then I will return to taking care of her. I even took out extra cash which is a miracle for tight wadded me so we can just be crazy.

OK, I think that’s it. I have to go brush and floss for my dentist appointment. I am pretty much packed except for my carry on/purse. I think it is so big it will count as a second carry on, but that is something I will sort out at the airport with my MASK ON.

Thanks for listening and I will HAVE A GREAT TRIP!!! Whether I like it or not!!!

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