Taking the Edge Off with Lori Denman

Sunshine and light – she is the real thing.

Yesterday I conducted my second live interview on the Getting Real with Hilary Show with Lori Denman. 

I was impressed.

Lori told us about her childhood fascination with communication equipment and how she ended up working for Sprint for 30 years. When her career ended abruptly, she struggled with what to do next and did some serious soul searching. 

She created an unofficial mastermind with some friends of hers. They got in touch with what they really loved to do and their happy places. Lori conquered her fear of living in the unknown, and surrendered to her new future.

She started working with her husband in a business that took her a while to be able to talk about. 

Her husband is a former finance guy turned professional chef who specializes in chocolate. He started a chocolate business that was very successful about 10 years ago and then ran into supply chain issues.

His newest entrepreneurial effort is called Edgeoff.NYC. It’s ingenious and Lori is now his partner. They use cannabis to help people relax, reduce pain and become healthier. They are located at 560 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

That is one of their adorable and ingenious products. Imagine – delicious, healthy chocolate that helps you chill, takes away your pain, and improves your health. What could be better?

Their next product line involves hemp “cheese” cake. It sounds delicious. 

Thank you, Lori, for your willingness to surrender, reinvent yourself, and be courageous enough to risk being called a “Stoner.” I love you.

PS You’ll have to watch the interview to hear all of the other good stuff. It will soon be at https://www.youtube.com/c/GettingRealWithHilary.  


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