A Fascinating Conversation with Bill Cohen

I started my interview with Bill Cohen wondering how I was going to get through the 55 minutes on Live Radio. I was distracted by someone knocking on my door and wondered if Bill was going to try to convert me to Jesus. As soon as someone mentions the bible, my eyes kind of glaze over. La dee da dee dah.

But, when Bill said that he spent 14 years and then another 20 proving that the Bible stories are true, I woke up and got curious.

“It’s all about love,” Bill said. “We need to accept Jesus in order to love others.”

“Wait a second,” I asked. “Can’t we just love ourselves? As a Jew, we don’t really do the Jesus thing. Can’t I just accept God instead? “

Bill told me why that won’t work. We discussed my take on Jesus and why accepting him was a problem for me. I can get loving each other, being kind, doing the right thing, but Jesus? I’m not sure.

We talked about Adam and Eve, Lucifer, doubt, and other fun topics.

The great thing was that I got to talk with someone who is knowledgeable and interested in a kinder, loving, gentler world. It was very interesting and we ended up running out of time.

Thank you, Bill, for your curiousity, commitment, and generosity.

My Interview with Bill Cohen


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