Abundance of underwear and the new Orgasm

OK, did that get your attention? I hope so.

I am currently folding my underwear and putting it neatly in my little wicker container. I’ve meant to do this for months.

Today is the day. I am shocked at how many pairs I have. And, I probably only wore about 5 since they were the ones on the top before. I’d wear them, wash them, and then put them back on top.

How did I get so many? Well, when my GYN told me not to use panty shields anymore because they messed up the PH balance in our you know whats, I got a little nervous.

She told me to go buy a box of underwear at Costco. I bought two boxes and they were 12 packs in case I ran out of them too fast.

Let’s just say I have PLENTY!!!!!!

Oh, you want to know about the orgasm in the title?

Well, yesterday I was telling some people on a Zoom call that when I finally let out my crying, I finally felt saner and more free.

One of the girls said, “Yes, it feels great. Crying is the new ORGASM.”

We all laughed. I think that’s great and wanted to share it.

I happen to agree. It really is very nice to be able to let it all out. Body wracking, heaving sobs when you need to. It’s exhausting, but freeing.

And here’s the video:

Definitely had fun with this one!! Laughing is a good release!!

I won’t give away what was so funny. Just that I had a great laugh.

Have a great day, folks!! Enjoy the freedom!!

Thanks for listening!

PS I just counted my underwear. I have 52 pairs. That’s ABUNDANCE!!!!!

How to Turn Worry into Freedom


Yes, well I’m working on it. I’m using my real life situation. You’ll have to watch the video to find out what it is.

I know it’s long, but……I get to some good stuff at the end.

The hair is only going to get worse!!!


My keratin is gone. I can’t find the beauty camera. But this is what life looks like right now.

I’m using myself to create freedom. Right now I’m doing it every 15 minutes to stay present.

And, I’m enjoying my time off and being at home. I love having the time to do the things that bring me joy – recording videos, writing blogs, reading, doing my puzzle, sitting in the sun, talking to friends, being on community zoom calls, exploring ways to create freedom, and exploring ways to have people create their lives and get their greatness. What an amazing opportunity to do that.

I hope everyone is healthy and safe. I am praying and meditating and even doing yoga.

Have a great day.

Thanks for listening.

How to Create Health and Love

I discuss this on my video.

It’s long and rambling but I certainly had fun doing it.

Is it time to drink yet? It’s almost 5:00. I’m not even pretending not to enjoy a couple of pops each night. Since there is no weight watchers, I’m not getting weighed.

I am tracking carefully, though, so don’t worry.

I actually feel like I am doing great in the eating department and that is just not normal for me. Usually I’m freaking out expecting weight gains. I guess because there’s no meetings, I can relaz. Scary but true.

For me to feel like I’m doing ok is truly not normal. I mean, enjoying myself. For instance:

  • I am starting to enjoy being home and not working
  • I love not having to plan out my work outfit the day before
  • I love that I am here by myself listening to the waves and looking at the water
  • I love that I don’t have to go out prospecting or make calls to sell people
  • I love being here alone

The only drawback:

  • not making sales so no money – OOPSIE!!!
  • I guess I don’t have a choice right now so I will enjoy it anyway

Here’s the video. A little long, but what have you got to do anyway? (Giggle)

Talked about how I was a brat – at least I’m admitting it!!

To Numb Or Not to Numb

It took me 5 tries to record this video.

Today was monumental for me in my exploration into not resisting my experience. It took everything I had to give up seemingly “being in control.”

After all was said and done, what I did was allow myself to be present. There is no such thing as being in control, especially these days, so holding onto trying was making me literally feel insane.

I’m exhausted, but way freer to be than I was this morning after fighting with my good friend and almost ending our relationship.

He called me later in the day. I shared, cried, and was very real. In the end, it brought us closer. He shared, too, and I believe he felt better for it as well.

Once I got past my anger this morning, I felt vulnerable and needy. I allowed myself to just feel it. I moved past that throughout the day into many different spaces and feelings. By just allowing them (instead of resisting them and making them wrong), I expanded my ability to be with them, thus creating freedom.

This video tries to explain my process. I don’t know how well I did it, but after 5 tries, I’m worn out.


This was a non-nostril shot. The beginning of the video is not a good angle!!!!!

OK, I’m going for my second walk of the day. Hope you are all staying healthy and safe in these turbulent and unprecedented times.

Thanks for listening. Comments are welcome.

I’d love to know if anyone can relate to this experience.

In and Out

Pandemonium ensues……

We had a company wide webinar tonight at 5:00 where AFLAC announced what they were going to do for the sales force and our policyholders. I have to say I was inspired, crying through the whole thing, AND, I know that anything they try to do is going to be hard to actually implement.

Nonetheless, I feel blessed to be a part of the AFLAC family. It is truly a family based, good valued company.

That being said, I never got to watch this video. So, I hope it’s ok. I can’t even remember what I said.

I was showing off the big waves during the storm

BE HERE NOW!!!! That is what I am trying to do as well as PLAY FULL OUT!!

Good luck, folks and stay healthy until forever.

Thanks for listening. Good night.

Watching my Context

Going off the deep end

Keeping my shit together

Going over the ledge

How I created freedom

I knew something was wrong when my back was spasming for the last two days. I thought I was fine, calm and positive.

The stress was lurking below the “holding my shit together.” I feel much better having identified my context and letting the stress out.

I am now present and calm. For real this time.

Have a safe and healthy and uneventful night.

More tomorrow.

Staying Empowered? Whoops!

You wouldn’t believe what I did!! Listen to hear!

I thought I was doing the right thing. Live and learn and hopefully don’t hurt yourself in the process.

I hope this is funny for people. It helps me to record.

Remember Winston Churchill!!

That’s all I can say for now. Have to get on a call.

Thanks for listening. Reach out if you need to.

More later………………………………………..