5 Steps To Stop Getting In Trouble

I love this!!! It’s a CUSTOM THUMBNAIL!!!!

One of my high school interns is making thumbnails for my videos. It is so cool. Instead of my “not so attractive picture thumbnails”, she is making them look AWESOME!!!!! (See above).

And the other has redone my web site: http://www.gettingrealwithhilary.com. It has gone live so feel free to check it out. There are a few minor changes still to be made, but I think it is REALLY GREAT!!! YAY INTERNS!!

I love having them. The third intern just sort of disappeared – but as the old 70’s song went, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. (It was kind of a mean song – I want you, I need you, but I’m never gonna love you – or something like that – but the lyrics have still stuck with me.)


This video talks about a technique I am using for creating freedom. I have used it on myself a few times recently and it has literally altered my reality in a wonderful way.

Today, one of my clients said he “couldn’t say no because he didn’t want to be mean” He said his schedule was all messed up, he was missing meetings, not getting anything done, and just didn’t feel good about himself.

My lightbulb went off. The Planning Genie worked her magic which I describe in the video above. I can’t wait to check back with him next week to see how he’s doing.


My son and I have talked things out so that is WAY better. Things are better all around since I “got into dialogue” the day after my psychic cataclysm. (I looked up the word – it is perfect for what I went through.)


To expand my originating circle and identify people to play with in my “creating freedom/saying what can’t be said” initiative. I am a little resistant, calling in my old “I don’t know how” conversation to stay stalled. OK, FINE. I will ask for help tomorrow. FINE!!!!!

Well, gotta go. Thanks for listening. Have a great night.

2 thoughts on “5 Steps To Stop Getting In Trouble

  1. Thanks for writing, Hilary. As you son said, it is a contribution to have someone speaking what’s really real.

    I don’t watch the videos, but I do read your posts.

    Love, Lynn (we met at Year End)


    1. Thank you, Lynn. Good to know you are reading them. Sometimes I don’t repeat what I covered in a video. Is that a problem when you are reading them? I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you and I hope you are safe and well. YAY!! And, please share it if you think it might be useful. Did you ever read my book? The Second Piece of French Toast – available on Amazon!!!!! (I’m trying to share more often).


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