Awakening Our Spiritual Genius

I am writing a quick thank you to Robyn Maitland who was bold enough to pilot her new course, SoulWork in the last month and I was lucky enough to participate.

We just finished the course today and I am totally inspired by what Robyn is taking on.  

Since November 17th when we first started, I have dug through my seemingly physical barriers to being connected with spirit and others.  I took on “saying what can’t be said” as an experimental access to being able to “create life” in the in between, free from my limiting brain patterns and paradigms from the past.

This is a lot of words, but what has happened is that I am WAY MORE connected to others, spirit, and freedom.  Robyn helped us identify the barriers that were keeping us from being connected to “source”, generating abundance, living our desires, and creating Soul “Work” that nourishes our being.

It is just the beginning for all of us.  We barely touched the surface of what is possible.

I am giving up the notion that I need to know HOW to do something.  I am giving up forcing an outcome or “wanting” an outcome.

I am going to FEEL JOY inside the belly (still working on what this means).  

I am going to Allow, Be, and Create by being grateful and appreciative. 

I am going to return to visualizing my dream/fantasy work and life and feel the joy as if it has already been manifested, noticing the barriers that come up in my brain and letting them go.

I am virtually vibrating from the excitement of the path we have started together and the road that Robyn is paving for others.

I am so proud of her for being in action and sharing her gift.  I can’t wait to see what transpires in the NEXT 30 days.

Thank you Robyn, and our entire course.  What a miraculous holiday gift we’ve been given.

NOTE:  Worry just means I’m not connected.  Good to know.  I’m already worrying about whether this blog is any good.  I’m letting it go and trusting my inner self.  My fingers wouldn’t have typed it if I wasn’t supposed to.  

Thanks for listening.  

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