Boldness, Passion & Genius

Years ago (back in 1993) I had created a future:  Boldness, Passion & Genius.  

I guess I had forgotten about it.  I think I’ve been being Scared, Suppressed, Overly Sensitive, and Insecure instead.  Not quite what I meant to create back then. 

Today on our Year End Vacation Webinar, (hosted by Landmark Worldwide – Wisdom Division), I saw what I’ve been being run by  – trying not to get criticized, not to upset anyone, and pretending to be “good.”

What does not getting criticized, not getting people upset, and being “good” even get me?  Certainly not a prize.  Certainly no money.  Certainly no aliveness or freedom to be myself.  And, despite it being my way of being  up to now, people criticize me, get upset and think whatever they think anyway.  It doesn’t even work!!!

Well, today the gig is over.  I’m getting bold again.  I’m pursuing my passion of sharing and writing again.  And, I’m trusting that I’m a Genius.  That we all have been given a purpose and that mine is inspiring people to live the lives they’ve always dreamed of.  And creating freedom for people.  And, acknowledging people and having them get their greatness.  And, that requires me to get out of my little limiting brain patterns and GET BOLD!!

SO, ……….after I publish this I am posting the blog on our Facebook page.  I already put it in the chat on the webinar.  My heart is beating fast, but what’s really the worst thing that can happen?

Nothing?  No one looks?  People don’t like it?  They think I’m a crazy idiot?  

None of that will kill me.  (I hope). 

So, I’m going public.  Even if it scares me.  And, no matter what, I’ll keep writing.  

Because I believe that Freedom is a result of sharing and saying what can’t be said.  And every time I do it, I feel more alive.  

My challenge to you:  share just one thing that you don’t think you can say.  And, tell me what happens.  I can’t wait to hear.

TIP:  In sharing, you can say anything as long as you are not making someone wrong.  Be responsible and share from yourself.  No right/wrong.  

Thanks for listening.

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