Creating Freedom – Thank You, Joyce

I think it’s best if I don’t know what I am going to say when I sit down to write.

Today I don’t, but I’m going to trust my fingers to do the typing………

I am creating freedom for myself by “getting into dialogue” instead of listening to my own “not” empowering thoughts.  My access to creating life is sharing and “saying what can’t be said.”  

Saying what can’t be said is what I refer to as the things that my brain is telling me I can’t say.  Of course they CAN be said.  Anything CAN be said.  You just open your mouth and let the words come out.

The question is “will I say them?”  I have taken on that the answer is YES instead of “NO WAY,” or “NFW.”  (If you don’t know what those initials are for, ask a teenager).

Today, Joyce, my wonderful mentor and fabulous role model for creating a great life, regardless of circumstances, challenged me to expand my inquiry.

I had been focused on what I can’t say, usually having it be about me and MY FREEDOM.   She asked me to broaden it to what can I say to other people to create freedom for them.  It expanded my brain molecules to a new way of thinking.  

I’m still pondering it.  However, in the meantime, I have reached out to my brother and a friend and shared what I’m doing and invited them to play with me in the courses I am taking at Landmark Worldwide.  I hadn’t even THOUGHT of sharing with them, because what stopped me was worrying about what they would think about it and me.  “Don’t go there,” my brain would automatically think.  It wasn’t even possible for me to consider before Joyce opened up my thinking.

Before our conversation I had been tired, lethargic, feeling heavy and suffering silently and alone.  Sharing was a burden that I just didn’t want to or know how to do in my limited thinking.  

Now I am excited and thinking about who else I can share with.  My body pains and lethargy have miraculously disappeared.  I am excited about the day instead of thinking about when I can next go to sleep and escape this cruel world.  (OK, I’m being melodramatic – but, since I’ve been called a DRAMA QUEEN, I’m allowed – it makes things more fun!!!) 

What an amazing difference in living.  And it’s all from opening up my mouth to get into dialogue, say what’s so, having a generative conversation with Joyce, and allowing myself to take the coaching (instead of making what I was doing wrong).  It is truly miraculous.

Thank you, Joyce.  You are a true gift to me and through the Wisdom Unlimited Course and our conversations, have opened my eyes to a loving, exciting world where all of us belong, are truly loved, and can create fabulous lives that we love.  An infinity amount of virtual hugs and love coming your way.  

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