A Huge Thank You

Thank you to my communities from Landmark Worldwide, Weight Watchers, and Edge Fitness, as well as my family and friends for the amazing support during the book launch of Real Talk this week.

It blew out some of my regular thinking such as:

  • nobody cares
  • you’re all alone
  • they won’t really buy the book
  • they lie
  • they don’t mean what they say
  • you’re on your own
  • prepare to be disappointed

This book launch defied all expectations. It has had me rethink many words:

  • community
  • support
  • teamwork
  • expectations

I have also grown in the areas of:

  • being with accomplishment
  • not minimizing what I have done
  • not needing to put it down to be self-effacing

All in all, it was a tremendous week and a HUGE accomplishment.

Now, I will need to strap on another pair and do it all again next month with my third book.

My conversation is:

  • they helped you once, don’t ask a second time – you’ve already used them up
  • quit while you’re ahead
  • prepare for a worse outcome

So, it should be fun to play full out a second time next month.

Stay tuned and thanks for listening.


Bestselling Author, Hilary Arnow Burns

(Doesn’t that sound cool!!!)

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