What’s All The Fuss About “Real Talk?”

What is ‘Real Talk?’

It’s my new book which will be available during my book launch on March 14th.

“Why did you write this book?” I’ve been asked all week.

Here’s my answer:

About 13 years ago, an innocent comment from my then 10 year old daughter woke me up out of an unconcious stupor.

“You’re too old to look good,” she said casually. We were riding down the escalator at the mall and could see our images in the mirror across the way. I had mumbled under my breath how terrible I looked and that was her response.

I was stunned. ‘I am? This is it? I can never look good again? I’m supposed to be like this? What happened to me? What happened to my life?’

Her comment shook me up and had me start examining my life. You can read about how I got my “Real Self” back in my first book, “The Second Piece of French Toast,” available on Amazon. Here is the link in case you haven’t read it:


Since then, I have dedicated my life to learning how to love my life and inspire others to also love theirs. I continue to develop techniques for moving from the stuck side of life to the fun, joyful, happy side. I love to unearth new ways to do this and to share my discoveries with others.

There have been many developments in the fast few years:

  • I started a YouTube channel called “Getting Real with Hilary” – determined to stop being my people pleasing, pleasant, phony self I record entertaining videos of my journey to get real
  • My weekly newsletter – includes the latest shows, discoveries, tools, techniques, and news about getting real
  • The Getting Real with Hilary Show – a live weekly TV/Radio show – a conversation with a guest who has overcome obstacles to triumph over life’s challenges
  • Getting Unstuck with Hilary – an 8 week course for getting unstuck and moving towards the life you want
  • TikTok – GettingRealwithHi – I use mysefl as a human guinea pig to share what I’ve learned about Getting Real and Free

I have seen that nothing happens until we start talking about things. There is no transformation in our thinking.

This new book, Real Talk, presents the Getting Real Process which has people start saying what they are afraid to say. This helps them eliminate the things that are holding them back, keeping them upset, suffering over, or preventing them from having what they really want in life.

I have seen that by saying the things we don’t say, we create a profound new energy, happiness, passion and attitude for our lives. Why are we afraid? Well, for me I didn’t want to get someone mad, hurt their feelings, be high maintenance, appear difficult, look stupid, lose their friendship, be embarrassed and on and on and on.

When I had the courage to speak up, I experienced a profound freedom. It was like I had taken a happy pill. It felt SO GOOD. I felt like I could do anything. And say anything.

When I supported others in saying what they were afraid to say, I saw the miracles and joy that this created in their lives too.

I decided to write Real Talk so that I could encourage more and more people to say what they aren’t saying. I want to continue to help people eliminate their silent suffering, complaints, resignation and stuckness. I am committed to all people being free to create lives they love.

“Our birthright is joy, happiness, and freedom,” I was taught in a course. “We don’t need to live in a right/wrong, good/bad, true/false world. We can live in a win/win world where we are all connected, belong, and experience a higher consciousness.”

I’m all in for this kind of planet. Real Talk is my current contribution to this mission. I believe that my Getting Real Process will help free people to access our birthright of profound joy.

Let’s live the Real Lives that we are meant to live.

Book Launch March 14th – Find Real Talk on Amazon.com on March 14th.


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