Playing Full Out

My homework is to PLAY FULL OUT.

Well, I did great for most of the day considering I didn’t sleep much due to the VERY LOUD THUNDERSTORM.

It was my first night in my beach house for this winter. I moved in yesterday.

I tried to calm myself amidst the loud thunder, bright lightning and heavy rains.

“Was my car flooding?”

“Would the house break apart or float away?

“What was that loud dripping that sounded like it was inside?”

Oh shit. It WAS inside. The bathroom ceiling was leaking and the bathroom floor had water a few inches deep. Great. I put down the towels to mop it up, put the garbage can to catch the water, and tried to go back to sleep.

The next morning my landlord texted. “How is everything after the storm?”

I told her about the roof.

Then I tried the shower. It didn’t work. Neither did the faucets. The leak must have broken the pipes. NO SHOWER FOR HOW LONG? OMG.

Luckily, though, it wasn’t a burst pipe, it was the water company working in the area. PHEW!!

I handled all this very well. I did my work playing full out, calling people I normally wouldn’t call.

Then, I checked my dating app. The one cute, normal guy had disappeared. He was THE ONE. Where the hell did he go? GHOSTED.

Then my 4:00 and 5:00 calls didn’t pick up. That’s when I stopped playing. It tipped me into the land of I am a blob and nothing matters and where is the alcohol and what salty crunchy food can I eat?

The good news: so far I haven’t drank and I’m still counting my points, but, the real question is:

What will I do in 10 minutes on my last Getting Unstuck call? Will I be a blob and tell them I know things never work out and they should give up OR can I play full out and get some freaking energy into my body?

Maybe I could do a tequilla shot? Maybe some sugar?

Or, just not make it about me and listen to these fine ladies and create life out here in dialogue.

After all, that’s my commitment for the world. That people are free to create lives they love.

Who cares that 2 people forgot I was calling? And that Brad dropped off of Bumble?

8 minutes to go – I feel like the guy in Meatloaf’s Dashboard song……

Yes or no?

Now I’m praying for the end of time so I can end my time with you……..

OK, I digress. I will give it my all, folks. With the energy I have. I think my energy means something and it doesn’t.

I will take care of people and see what is their next step since this is our last session.

Thanks for listening and have a great night.

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