Something Happened on the Way to the Post Office

“Something happened on the way to the post office,” Lynn texted a few days ago.

“What?” I texted back.

“You’ll see when you get your mail in a couple of days,” Lynn answered.

I was intrigued. I thought maybe she was mugged by a gorilla and there would be gorilla prints on a ripped up/torn envelope.

Today I finally got the envelope. Inside was a Sympathy card and a Get Well Soon card. I know who they were for and it wasn’t me.

“Did THEY get MY CHECK?” I texted.

“Yes, they laughed, and it’s already in the mail to you.”

This is a check that has been promised to me for many months. As they say, “the check is in the mail. STILL!!”

I just have to laugh. At this point, if I ever get it, it will be an extra bonus.

Life is funny these days.

Besides this card snafu, I’ve been observing people who are in quite a tizzy. They seem to be addicted to the news. The world is “the worst it’s ever been.” And they are upset.

For me, I know that if I watch the news, I get upset, too, and feel like the world is ending.

If I don’t turn on the news, and listen to a meditation instead, I feel joy, the world is wonderful, and I am living in abundance.

I am way better off when I consciously choose the conversations I am participating in.

I am not judging the people who watch the news.

I just choose not to. It is very negative and it gets my negative swirl going down down down and takes WAY too much energy to come back up.

What do YOU choose to listen to?

Does it serve you or upset you?

I’d love to hear.

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