Happy Birthday, Dad!! I Miss You!

Today is July 5th. Day after Independence Day. Tomorrow is my Father’s birthday. He passed away 4 years ago. He loved having a big July 4th birthday party. The family came together with friends and hung out on the lower driveway drinking beer, eating delicious food, walking to the pond and playing tennis on my parent’s court.

As time goes by, my sadness is still there but seems to mostly be replaced with love and gratitude for who my father was. I can forgive the comments, impatience, and insults that I allowed myself to be victimized by for most of life. I can let them go and honor him for his humanity, goodness and inspiration.

He was the one I could count on. He was the one who provided for my mother and all of us 5 kids financially. He was the one that took us on family trips and encouraged us to be the best.

“Be Terrific” he would say when he dropped me off at school.

“Average is best of the worst or worst of the best. Which do you want to be?” He would ask.

NEITHER was our answer.

My dad left a legacy of us 5 kids and many grandchildren. He worked hard to put himself through college on the GI Bill, and worked summers in the Catskills. He went to dental school, bought a local practice, and always looked for ways to improve his dentistry and his office.

He got a master’s in nutrition in the 70’s before it was cool. He was involved in study groups, investing groups, local politics, and participated in the Lions Club and Indian Guides.

He never quit and was always striving to be better.

Thank you, Dad, for being a great example for the Arnow bunch.

I miss you and love you.

Happy Birthday!!!

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