How to Get From Struggle to Ease

Back in January, I was struggling. I had hired a marketing company to help me develop a strategic plan for my social media ventures. I had paid for it by “charging it” on my credit card, and was disturbed by how hard it was to pay off the balance. I was stressed out, feeling resigned, and feeling like it was never going to get easier.

“Oh, shit,” I thought one day. “What happened to my abundance mentality? I’ve forgotten all about it.” I had participated in Deepak Choprah’s 21 day abundance meditation a year before. Things had definitely seemed easier then. Why not revisit the concept?

I googled abundance meditations and stumbled on one about Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance. I listened to it that night in bed. I was soothed to sleep, images of Lakshmi, golden light, abundance, and tranquil bodies of water dancing in my mind.

The next morning I woke up as usual. When I checked my email, my mouth dropped open. I had won $4333.33 in one contest, and another few hundred dollars from another one. Enough to pay off my credit card balance and have money to spare.

“Thank you, Lakshmi,” I said out loud. “I think you just changed my life.”

Since that time, I have lived in abundance. For the first time I have extra money in my bank accounts after paying my bills. I have bought clothes and paid for courses and trips and still have money left. This has never happened to me before. And six months later it continues.

I still have brief moments when I panic. “I don’t have enough,” screams inside my head. But then I remember “abundance.” I can breathe again and my heart slows down.

Deepak Chopra talks about abundance and how it is our birthright. Another mentor of mine says that abundance is all around us, we just have to choose to participate in it.

Another author puts it another way. The “earth” is abundant. There are unlimited riches, resources, and love that abound. Where the limitation comes in is when we think of the “world.” The world is man-made with it’s self-imposed constructs, thinking and behaviors of scarcity.

This has helped me. I return to the “earth” and it’s abundance. Today I took a drive to the beach, even though the weather was not very nice. I looked out at the Long Island Sound, breathed in the sea air, and felt my body relax. The cloudy sky stretched as far as I could see. The birds were chirping and the green sea grass was a beautiful contrast to the beige sand and expanse of dark grey water.

Remembering that we are of the earth is freeing to me. It helps me return to relaxation and creation instead of scarcity, stress and worry.

I hope you will join me in exploring and creating an abundance mentality.

Thanks for listening and have a great week.

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