Terror On Shoreline Drive

Did the title get you? Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it sure feels like terror.

Why is there terror?

Because tonight I have a DATE.

It’s my second one in a year and a half.

I’ve been looking at why I am so terrorized. I will tell you why:

  • because I think I have to be a certain way
  • because I can’t be myself because then I will say the wrong thing
  • because my real self is not ok
  • because my real self is not always funny
  • because I might talk about something gross
  • because I don’t know what to do
  • because I don’t know how to talk to guys
  • because I am in a panic and won’t be able to talk
  • because I don’t know what to wear
  • because maybe he wants someone really thin
  • because what if he thinks I am too fat, too high maintenance, boring, anything
  • because it’s in 3.5 hours and I am starting to feel sick🛌
  • because my stomach hurts – it’s cramping
  • because it’s going to rain
  • because I don’t know what to do
  • because ……..

I think that’s the end. I’m sure there’s more but you get the point. I’m in a panic thinking I have to be a certain way and can’t be myself.

I think it’s from ALL THE YEARS of dating before I got married. My sister would tell me don’t say this, don’t say that, do this, do that. I remember being so nervous trying to remember everything she said that I was basically a wreck.

So here I go again, doing this to myself this time.👎

This is what I am going to create for tonight (assuming there is no tornado the sky is seriously getting dark and there are tornado warnings):

  • I can relax
  • I can be present👼
  • I can get to know this man
  • I can be myself

If we like each other, we will meet again. If we don’t, it will have been a nice evening. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?💥

Here’s the only thing. Can you please tell my stomach that? It is still cramping.🤦‍♀️

Thanks for listening.

PS I just found the emojis. I love them.

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