Is Crazy Good?

My quote of the week:

I am inquiring into this for a whole week. I’ve always tried to hide my “crazy,” afraid it’s been true.

What if that’s a wonderful part of me? And, since today I am being sensitive, what if THAT is also a good part of me?

I’ve made peace with my negativity and decided to use it for good with “getting real with Hilary.” I develop techniques for getting free.

What can I do with crazy or sensitive?

Good question:

What if my “Crazy” ideas are really good ones? What if I was free to just pursue them, without needing to backtrack, hide, and pretend I don’t care? What if people’s comments or not understanding what I am doing didn’t matter? What if I could just go forward, unstoppably?

I think life would be really fun.

And what about the sensitive piece? I’ve always blamed myself for being upset.

What if these people are just nasty? What if they are bitches or ass holes and I’m thinking I should be fine with their nastiness? What if that’s my cue for saying ADIOS, MOTHER FUCKER? What if I SHOULD be sensitive because that’s a cue for not being around MEAN people OR, checking it out as in the tips last week before I get offended and hurt.

Either way, I will take sensitivity as a gift, along with my craziness. Compassion for myself is a new thing.

Thank you for listening.

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