Playing with Crazy

My quote of the week is: “Ever Feel Crazy? What if thats a good thing?”

This week I am looking at “my crazy” instead of being afraid of it. Since then, I’ve seen a few other things that I am afraid that I am, too:

  • being sensitive
  • being annoying
  • being crazy
  • bothering people
  • not doing enough
  • not getting it right
  • asking for help

Let’s just take those for now. Because I am afraid of them, I actually make it worse.

“Am I annoying?” I asked Sam, I guy I was friends with a long time ago.

When you ask that you are?” he said.

Oh. Interesting. I wasn’t annoying until I asked if I was.

And with the crazy – I’m fine until I get afraid of it.

I published my book. I was told that the average person who self-publishes sells 250 books.

“That’s embarrassing,” I thought. “I’m going to be a BEST SELLER.”

But when I added up my sales and saw that I’ve only sold 118, I decided I was CRAZY.

“How could you even THINK you could do this? You are SO STUPID!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!” I kept telling myself.

I stopped promoting my book, thinking that if I stopped talking about it, people would forget I did it, and not realize how CRAZY I AM.

I focussed on the crazy and forgot about the accomplishment.

It was my dream to publish a book. And, it took me 7 years. But I did it. I didn’t stop.

What if crazy hadn’t stopped me promoting it? What if I had kept going all those times I started other really great projects? Where would I be now?

Well, there’s nothing I can do about the past. All I can do going forward is take on CRAZY. CRAZY will be my great, new friend. Me and CRAZY are going to do some wonderful things together.

Hope you join us for the ride.

Thanks for listening.

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