Overwhelm? OK I Know What to Do

OK – I’m in overwhelm. I’ve taken on a lot and all I can think is:


I am going to spend some time making a list of everything I need to do and schedule it. I’m sure once I get it onto paper, I will calm down.

Left in my head, it’s just a mush of panic and anxiety and non-action.

Sometimes, for me, the trick to getting things done is to stop and get present. Breathe. Make a list. Get out my calendar. Schedule things. Take some things off. Move them to next week.

A lot has been happening and I can have compassion for myself. OK, I’m breathing and making this list:

  • I have new agents at work that I need to be in contact with, know what they are doing, and make sure they are on track for success – schedule time with each one
  • I have old agents who are out of communication and I need to get them into the new virtual reality
  • My interns are going to college and will stop helping with my social media – I can schedule when I will do posts, do the designs, email them to me, and post – I need a block of time to be calm for this
  • I’m living at my mom’s – enough said – AND, I will be moving back after Sept 1 – I’m actually worried that I will miss her – isn’t that a miracle
  • My kids – they are actually fine
  • My blogs, videos and posts – I can do them when I can breathe and have time as I said before – If I don’t have the block of time, I schedule them for when I can focus calmly
  • My newsletter – I can work on that over the weekend
  • My new blueprint – nothing to do until next Tuesday
  • My volunteering – make sure each person is scheduled and in my calendar
  • My inquiry session – I am going to work on that today with the design team
  • My planning calls – I do them Thursdays, I can work on them the half hour before.
  • My business – schedule time in to make my own account calls

OK, it is all doable. I am putting pressure on myself instead of having compassion that I am up to new and big things. I’d rather have it this way than bored.

Wow – what a difference a blog can make.

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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