What I’ve Seen About Pressure

The quote this week: “Are you putting pressure on yourself?” has really made me think.

The answer is an undeniable “YES.”

The pressure, I’ve seen, comes from undistinguished constructs in my mind. It’s not actually real.

I’ve identified a few of my own constructs this week in my blogs and videos. They were not readily obvious and took a little work to unconceal. Visit those for more details, especially if you are someone who often “feels bad” for people like I was. My whole life was feeling bad or sorry for people. Not fun.

Nice or Mean – Lots of Pressure addressed “feeling bad” and created a bunch of freedom. Click here to find out how to get free: https://creatinglifeouthere.com/2020/08/11/nice-or-mean-lots-of-pressure/

Releasing the Pressure – How I figured out how to RELEASE the pressure – click here to see the tips in action: https://creatinglifeouthere.com/2020/08/12/releasing-the-pressure/

And today’s insight:

I learned to be “under the radar” as a kid. My older sister would get in trouble so I learned how to not get noticed.

This summer I am living in my mom’s house for the summer. The same house I grew up in. I’ve noticed myself tiptoeing around, not wanting to wake anyone up, not do anything that would get negative attention, or piss anyone off. I’ve tried to remain undetected. And, I’ve felt a lot of pressure.

Why would I do that? Good question.

I remember as a kid, coming down our iron circular stairs after waking up. I used to cringe as my father would yell:

“Well, look who decided to wake up? Sleeping Beauty?”

I hated it. I felt like my father was making fun of me. I hated coming down those stairs. I tried to only come down when he wouldn’t see me.

Today I am creating a new interpretation. He was happy to see me and that’s how he showed it. What a wonderful way to look at that same incident.

In my construct there was a lot of pressure to stay unnoticed and not do anything that would call attention to me. There isn’t much freedom in that at all. Any time I’ve spent in the house I’ve been walking around scared and on eggshells.

I can reinterpret my whole childhood right now. Being seen makes people happy. It brings joy.

Just today, I woke up my mom before I left for my office. She was sleeping but likes me to say goodbye. I gave her a kiss.

“Thanks for the kiss,” she said, looking very happy.

“You’re welcome. Here’s another one.” And I gave her another kiss. She smiled like a little girl.

I loved making her happy. From now on, rather than hide, I’m going to try to give her MORE attention and kisses and hugs. What a new way to live!! And a way to make both of us happy.

It warms my heart, causes no pressure and creates Naches (Yiddish word – I might be using it wrong but I like it anyway).

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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