Are You Waiting For Someone Else to Change?

The quote of this week is so exciting. Guess why? It’s mine.

In my video I talk about where it came from. You’ll never guess……. from when I was married. I was literally waiting for my husband to change so I could be happy.

Yes I was waiting for him to change so I could be happy – not a fun life!!

Once I realized this I was on the road to happiness.

“Why should he have to change? Why should anyone have to change? They should be able to be exactly the way they are.”

“And so should I. I wouldn’t want to have to change for someone else to be happy. I want to be able to be exactly as I am too.”

And here’s the great thing. Once I realize that I was no longer waiting for him to change.

AND, …….THE BIG ONE HERE, FOLKS……..He didn’t have to change, AND, I didn’t have to stay in a marriage that was not working for me. Given the way he was, I was choosing to save my soul.

  • I didn’t like the way he did money
  • I didn’t like the way he treated me
  • I didn’t like being disrespected
  • I didn’t like not being heard
  • I didn’t like being blamed for “always being upset” and never being able to have a conversation about what was really going on
  • I didn’t like being told promises that weren’t kept and then told he “never said them” so I literally felt like I was the crazy one. I know I heard it, I know he said, why is he saying he didn’t?

I literally felt like I was going insane. I needed to get out to save myself.

I grabbed back my power, stopped being dependent on his behavior for my happines, and started designing my life to work for me.

And I have. I now have a life I really love. It is awesome.


Thanks for listening.

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