Wishing I Was WAY BETTER!

To keep the quote going, I was feeling like “poop on a stick,” as my kids used to say, instead of how I “wished I was” when I recorded this video. I worked through being stuck in order to get to freedom.

Getting Unstuck

I’ve also been seeing how immature I am when someone makes a comment I don’t like.

  • I talk badly about them
  • I think “fuck you”
  • I think of ways to get them back
  • I talk about how I was wronged and how BAD the person is that said it

I’ve been thinking I shouldn’t be that way.

But, what if I just accept myself as is. I could play with it instead of thinking I’m just BAD.

Life would be alot more fun. I can accept my evil side and just roll with it.

Also, in the video, is exploring something new. It involves not only “saying what can’t be said,” but also “hearing what can’t be heard.” I’m not sure I am mature enough for that one right now. But I will think about it.

Food for thought as always.

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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