Bad Person – Take 2

I use the quote again in my video to create freedom for myself. “To dream of the person you wish to be is to waste the person you are.”

Working through my own stuck-ness using the quote of the week

“Getting Real” is a collection of tools and techniques that work if you are stuck, struggling or suffering. They create freedom and help you get into action creating a life you love.

We are redoing my web site so that it supports this newly defined direction. I am confident in my one on one work with people. I know this makes a huge difference in people’s lives.

Where I was struggling and thinking I should be more like other people is with these blogs and videos. I was afraid that they suck, I’m an idiot, and the rest of the world knows and is waiting for me to just GET THAT.

“Shut up already”

“Get real and stop being stupid”

“OMG are you for real?”

“You are an idiot”

These are the things I was afraid that people were silently thinking. I traced my fear back to an incident in college where a girl was really confident, friendly and loud. My story was that no one liked her and she looked like a fool. She didn’t know that they didn’t like her and thought they were all her friends. In my story, they couldn’t wait for her to leave.

I was afraid that would happen to me if I was confident and approached people like they liked me. I never wanted to be that girl so I got quiet, assumed they didn’t like me, put myself down, acted like what I was doing was weird or I knew it wasn’t good. I saw yesterday that it was a defense mechanism. If I put myself down then if they did, it wasn’t a big issue. I “already knew it.” Somehow it wouldn’t hurt as much. If I assumed they didn’t like me, then I couldn’t be hurt if they didn’t.

It didn’t really work in actually, but it was an automatic strategy I created. All so that I wouldn’t be “like her.” It became my worst fear. That story and strategy has limited me for so many years. I’m glad I saw it today so I can create some freedom around it.

I am declaring that I make a difference AND not everyone has to like what I’m doing or even understand it. It’s ok. It doesn’t devalue it AT ALL.

And, that I can assume that people DO LIKE me instead of that they don’t. And if they don’t, it’s ok. They don’t HAVE TO!!!!!

That’s a new world for me to stand in. Wow!!!

So, please subscribe, follow, and contact me at if you would like freedom in an area where YOU are stuck, suffering or struggling. I’d love to create freedom for you in your life as I do in mine and many other people’s. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for listening.

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