The Person You Wish To Be

This week’s quote is about wishing you were someone else and how that wastes who you are.

This video tells some stories from my life where I thought I should be more like other people.

Why aren’t I more like my sister?

Luckily my mother told me that not everyone has the same talents and that I had other talents that my sister doesn’t have.

I couldn’t think of any so again, luckily, she told me some of mine.

Why are we so clear on our weaknesses and not focused on our positives?

Good question.

Some of my lack of talents:

  • wrapping a pretty gift
  • throwing a perfect party
  • buying feminine clothes
  • being a girly girl

Some of my strengths:

  • I don’t judge
  • I can listen
  • I am fun
  • I am smart

It’s funny even as I list my strengths I want to put a but like, well not all the time, or sometimes I don’t ……. interesting I don’t have those caveats on the weaknesses.

Anyway, food for thought. I have to get ready for a phone call.

Thanks for listening.

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