Why Am I Always in a Hurry?

I did a video this morning with only 20 minutes before I had to lead a call. My heart was racing and I was rushed, but I did it anyway.

What’s the damn hurry? Why do I cause myself so much stress? If I just did the video later when I had more time, I’d be relaxed and calm.

Laughing at myself

As I’m typing this, I realize it’s kind of a game. I like to be productive. I like to get things done. I try to squeeze just one more thing in………..because it’s fun!!!

So even though my adrenalin is racing and I’m feeling stressed, it’s like an internal contest to see how many things I can do. Can I finish this blog before my next call in 13 minutes? Maybe?

Will I have time to edit it? I don’t know. But I will try.

It’s exciting to get things done. It’s exciting to cross things off my list.

When I get everything done, I can THEN relax. My schedule is, get my work done, and then I can go to the beach for an hour. It’s my reward for doing what I’m supposed to do. I can THEN sit and breathe and read and probably not REALLY relax, but for me the closest thing to it.

Nothing will happen if I don’t get things done, I just like to.

So why do I think hurrying is a bad thing? I guess when the underlying mode is that something bad will happen if I don’t get the thing done, then I’m not CHOOSING productivity, I’m being run by it. Like I HAVE to do it with no freedom. And this blog is about CREATING FREEDOM.

So…………if I can breathe a little more in between tasks, take a minute to look around, be present, and enjoy life, maybe I won’t be so frazzled and manic. Maybe I will think clearer. I don’t know.

I’m just looking at this, and up to now, I thought being in a hurry was all bad and wrong. At least I did this morning when making my video. (See above)

Now I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s a way to just get things done AND there can be a little balance thrown in.

Let me know your feelings about this.

Thanks for listening.

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