Not Listening

There are limits to my listening.

I am currently on a work webinar where they are showing us our new improved on-line system. Honestly, it seems more complicated than the one they are “IMPROVING,” so I find myself annoyed.

I stopped following what the girl was showing so I am now officially NOT LISTENING.

On a different and positive note, I have started re-reading two books that I am really excited about:

  • Success Principles by Jack Canfield
  • Artists Way by Julia Cameron

I read them both in the past and they made a profound difference in my life.

I can see that I can’t put them down.

I compare that to the sales books I bought at the beginning of the pandemic. I can’t pick them up. You’d have to PAY me to pick them up and start reading them again. I just DON’T WANT TO.

I find this interesting. I’ve been in sales for 12.5 years. This career has helped me turn my finances around after my divorce, develop a steady renewal income, give me my confidence back in myself, and create a lifestyle that I love.

And, I can’t stand the thought of reading about sales. I love the other books. They are about creating life, unblocking your artistic genius, setting goals, visualizing your dream life, and seeing your success in whatever you’d like to accomplish.

That I find exciting.

I think the universe is telling me something. It’s showing me what my natural interests are and what I enjoy. The pandemic has been a time to reflect. I am taking actions in those areas, that I wouldn’t have had time to take during regular busy, stressed out life.

My vision is that we ALL get to get paid doing what we love and are interested in. And pay people to do the rest. I have started going in that direction.

I haven’t arrived anywhere yet, but I feel like I’m following the flow. While I’d like to KNOW where I’m going, I keep letting that go and TRY to enjoy the exploration and discovery instead. Sometimes I forget that, but when I remember, life is way more fun and pleasurable.

Well, I better get back to my webinar.

Thanks for listening.

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