Breaking Through The Resistance

Wow! Last night I couldn’t sleep. My heart was racing.

Instead of resisting it, I decided to just experience the feeling and allowed myself to feel the panic. I was scared to have conversations about my program’s cost with potential clients.

My heart was still beating furiously. After a few moments of not being able to stand it, a childhood memory popped into my head. One of my friends “unfriended me.’ This was before facebook. And the incident repeated itself several times. I saw the strategy I had created to try to avoid this unpleasant happening: be nice, don’t speak up and be good. I could see how this was limiting me.

I forgave, processed it, and now I am moving on.

It was important for me if I ever want to be able to generate a larger income. I need to stand for myself, ask for what I want, and be clear about my value instead of just standing by and watching.

Since yesterday, I’ve gotten two new clients. This is a total miracle. I have been talking about generating more income for 3 years, and haven’t made one dollar of extra income outside of my day job.

Another miracle: I have interns coming to work with me for 3 weeks who understand social media. Because my “day” office is closed, they are allowed to work with me on my other “new” business. I am so excited. They can help me streamline and organize all this “stuff” that I’ve been working on.

Both were not happening as of yesterday. This is a total creation from the universe.

I don’t care if it sounds WOOWOO. I love WOOWOO.

I have 6 minutes to finish before our power hour is up.

I finally got my IRS payment information to be accepted last night and the money was in my account this morning. Another miracle.

This video talks about the miracles some more. I also show you the crashing loud waves outside my beach cottage.

Thanks for listening.

Not looking so good but I talk about abundance and miracles so who cares, right?

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