Queen for a Day

I love acknowledging people. It creates a space of empowerment. The person hearing it feels good, and I feel good knowing that they are getting what is great about them.

I don’t know why. It’s just that way.

Well, today I got acknowledged. I was in a course and one of the guys that I gave a half hour planning session to mentioned that I really helped him. I had reached out to him when I kept hearing him talk about the book he was writing.

“Have you started writing it yet?”

“Uh, no.

“You need a session with me,” I boldly said.

He took me up on it. After his session, he scheduled 4 hours a week into his calendar to write. And guess what? He’s writing. This is HUGE! Before that he couldn’t enjoy anything because he always felt like he SHOULD be writing and he wasn’t. It altered his life in a great way. He is FREE and getting the book written. It’s so cool.

It was the second time he mentioned me on a big webinar. I have to admit I loved it.

Then, someone said I “brought my village with me.” It was my daughter, mom, and two friends that were visiting our course. Normally I don’t have many people attend. It was really fun to have them AND I loved hearing my name mentioned. Again, I’m admitting this, shameful as that is.

The third time, which I couldn’t remember in the video, was when someone told my mom that they all “loved Hilary.” And then my coach said, “yes we do.” I have to say I was tickled beyond belief. They love me? How freaking cool is that? It’s what I’ve always wanted yet was afraid to believe could really happen.

When the webinar was over, my daughter called me.

“Mom, you REALLY were the queen today. I was so proud of you.”

“I know,” I said, giggling. “How cool was that? I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.”

Honestly I couldn’t have planned that for the life of me. I guess I’m just sharing myself and being public about what I’m up to and the exploration I’ve been in. It enlivens me to go beyond my comfort zone and explore new conversations and horizons.

I took on “BEING REAL” back in the beginning of September. And since then I’ve launched my YouTube channel, published my book, started Half Hour with Hilary and have a web site. Not to mention altering people’s lives with my sessions.

I’m not the person I was even back in August. Maybe I’m bragging, but that’s ok. I AM PROUD. And, I hope you are doing something that YOU are proud of. If not, you definitely can. Please contact me. I’d love to help you create a life that you can also be proud of. It’s REALLY FUN!

OK signing off. Time to relax for once. I have to remember how.

Thanks for listening.

Here’s the video:

I changed my own NAIL POLISH. Corona is giving me talents I never knew I had.


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