More Tips on Planning and Being Real

Ok, I admitted I was being a bit sleazy about my plan. Good to know. It’s called Getting Real with Hilary for a reason

Well, what a difference a day makes. Communication created a whole new world for me. Watch the video to see how.

On another note:

This Corona is really playing havoc with my mood swings. I think they are faster and deeper than normal. High low high low high low………..And that’s just this minute. (Just kidding, sort of…)

My daughter called to tell me she was wheezing. I told her to schedule a call with the health provider on campus. It was at 2:40. It’s now 2:55. I’m waiting to see what they said. I am prepared to get in my car and drive 4 hours if she is in trouble. Oh that’s right, I am quarantined and there is social distancing. I could make it worse. And, I don’t want her to be alone.

Again, mood swing number 5216 of the day.

As for me and my health, I am drinking tumeric and ginger in hot water. I am taking vitamin C’s every few hours (when I remember). I am taking all sorts of other supplements. Doing whatever I can so that my once removed exposure does not result in me getting corona. I have no idea if that will work, but it makes me feel better.

For now, I am sitting in my house listening to the rain pour and trying not to look at the phone. Praying that my mom doesn’t get it. Wondering what it means that my sister didn’t feel well yesterday. Did she catch Corona from her husband?

All these questions don’t help my stress. It’s all the Feared For Future.

I’m now feeling hot. Is that a temperature? Stuff like that.

So, with your listening, I will return to being present. Listening to the waves calm me instead of freak me out that my house will be washed out to sea with me in it.

Turning fear to being grateful: I am able to bask in the love of family and friends. I love being alone in my waterfront cottage. I have enough toilet paper for at least a week, (obviously depending on how much I use). Little thing like that that I can be grateful for. I can breathe.

Stay healthy my friends. My vision is that we all feel connected to a global community. That we all feel unconditionally loved just as we are. And that we all get our unique greatness.

Thanks for listening.

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