Me, Positive? Seriously?

Yes I am being positive during this crisis. Can you believe it?

Yes, it’s true. Negative Nellie here is having a good time and keeping everyone else positive. It’s amazing.

The quote that has empowered me is: “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste.”

Well, I have no eyes, but at least I’m smiling!!!

I am trying to keep my agents and other managers positive!! They are all freaking out and doomsday. It is cracking me up that I’m the positive one. As I said, I think I need a good crisis to rise to the occasion.

Check back in a few days. I may have sunk over to the left side by then. (I’m kidding, I hope).

My boss is doing a virtual interview with potential recruits. Usually there are 7 or 8 who show up in person. He has 21 who showed up virtually. Isn’t that amazing?

The group of us managers are commenting via text and I am LMAO’ing. This is really fun!!!

OK, back to work. Anyone who wants to practice on Zoom or just get in touch, please send me an email:

I’ll return the favor when I need it. I’m happy to listen, empathize or cheer you up.

Thanks for listening.

Stay healthy!!!

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