Empowering Corona Context

Not a good picture, but the message is good

Hey folks, I am still positive about the current environment. I am hoping this can help someone who is nervous, negative or gnarly. (3 N’s – sort of!).

Some people I talk to are swirling in the news, “hotbeds”, don’t go here, don’t go there, and it’s easy to get sucked in.

And I almost did last night on my way to Trader Joe’s in Westport. “The hotbed. Don’t shop there. Don’t go there. Wear gloves. Don’t breathe.” I almost listened to my friends.

But I went anyway because I needed some eggs and bananas.

People were wearing plastic gloves and not getting to close to each other. When I got in the check out line I was told to stand behind the line. It was drawn on the floor in colored paint.

“OK,” I said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see it.”

“No problem,” the check out man said.

I’m not saying that was bad, I’m just saying it is different.

I don’t know what’s right or real. I’m trying to separate out the facts.

What I do know is this:

  • we are in uncertain times
  • we are living in an unknown, never been done before situation
  • we don’t really know what this virus is like
  • we don’t know what happens if you get it
  • we think we know it’s very contagious
  • we think we know there are cases in our area

That’s about it.

  • we also know that most places are closed
  • there are certain occupations that are still working – hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants for take out, police, fire, necessary government workers to run things and pay people, some other stores

What else do we know?

  • I’m not sure.

As long as we don’t make conclusions, per a wise mentor of mine, we won’t get stuck. Making conclusions has us create a reality for ourselves. Then we live inside of that conclusion as if it’s reality even though we made it up. We can get very upset inside of those constructs.

And it’s hard to get out if you don’t know it’s not real. That’s my interpretation of her statement. And, I think it’s very useful to remember in this time of grave uncertainty. (Do you like that word, grave? I think it’s pretty good actually.)

I am going to try to remember to be careful about what I am taking as truth or fact. So I don’t go down the tubes like I originally did. (Just watch the video to see where I went – it was pretty frightening).

Like I usually do.

Anyone care to join me? Let’s keep each other empowered.

Let me know.

Thanks for listening. Hang in there.

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