Going Through the Discomfort

Definitely uncomfortable

I didn’t even have time to watch this one. I was just feeling very uncomfortable so I decided to use the electronic fence example to get through to the other side.

I stopped resisting what felt like fear. I think it worked. I actually felt the fear and shed a half tear. That’s it!! It released it’s grip and I got FREE. That is truly amazing. I just let myself lean into the body sensations instead of trying to stop them, control them, cause myself intense amounts of fear and stress, and experience body pain.

By allowing the sensations, they literally disappeared.

Why is that so hard?

Who knows and who cares?


I can see that all that resistance was holding on to being right about how I’m:

  • unlovable
  • will screw things up
  • I’m good, but not that good at anything
  • people will leave (me in the driveway)

So what do I get out of being right about that?

  • being right

I am declaring letting go of that in favor of BEING LOVED AND BEING GREAT!!!

Why not?

Why not live a great life?

Wanna join me?

Let’s go…………………………………………….

Thanks for listening. Have a great night!!!!

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