Sharing the Shame in my Pajamas

Hey folks. Couldn’t sleep after my amazing book talk.

So glad my friends were there to support me. I had my hair and nails done for the event. The pizza was great. I was positive and appreciate all the way through.

Then I got in my car. I could finally release my embarrassment.

I had some very different expectations for tonight. I worked through them in this video.

Thank God for my kids who understood how I felt. They called me before I buried myself alive in the sand outside. I finally got to laugh at my ridiculous self. I have the best kids!!!!

This video is a long one. It took me a while to work through this “incident.”

I wouldn’t publish it, except that people usually like the ones that are REALLY REAL and this one is as real as one can get. No makeup and in my pajamas.

Have a great night. I need to try to sleep.

Not a good picture, but the best of the three choices believe it or not.

This one rambles on a bit, but I am too lazy and tired to do it again.

Thanks for listening.

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