Colds, Weight Watchers and Yahrzeits

It’s been three years since my dad died. Tonight at Temple, they were also celebrating and discussing MLK’s birthday. We all sang “We Shall Overcome” right after the mourner’s kaddish. It was too much for me. I cried throughout the whole song – uncontrollably. Thank goodness I had tissues.

Martin Luther King talked about “the mountain.” He has seen the other side. He would like to live a long life, but something about he didn’t think he would. Wow!! But as long as he was delivering God’s message, he was good. WOW!

They were talking about how brave he was and man, he was brave. He was powerful.

I remember listening to a podcast of a basketball coach, I think, who happened to be a bodyguard the day that MLK spoke in Washington, DC. They needed someone for the job and asked him. He was standing next to him during that speech. OMG.

He said MLK wasn’t going to do the “I have a dream” part of the speech. A woman who was with MLK on the stage suggested he do that part during the speech.

Can you imagine if he hadn’t? What would be different? Hard to imagine, right?

Anyway, that coach grabbed his speech because MLK left without it. He kept it. It is a valuable piece of paper. I think he finally donated it to the Smithsonian or something. Isn’t that cool?

So, this is my nose-sniffing video. How about calling it Hilary’s Law? When you cry, your nose runs. This video demonstrates it.

I talk about Oprah and Tina Fey, WW, and the actions I am taking to sell 1000 copies of my book by April 7th. It will take a miracle, folks, and I am ready for one.

Demonstrating a new law of physics

Have a good night.

Thanks for listening.

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