Can I Just Complain?

Not feeling well – cold and headache since Tuesday – now it’s Thursday and it shows no evidence of leaving me

Saw an old flame Tuesday from behind. It messed up my mind. My freedom and peace have disappeared for two days.

I called a friend in publishing today. I wanted suggestions for how to market my book. Instead, what I got was what is wrong with my cover and how no one will be able to find it or read the sub-title. More on my video.

My motrin expired in 2018. More on the video.

I used up my box of tissues and my nose is still running

I’m hot then I’m cold – right now I am hot and about to sneeze

My head is stuffed the fuck up

OK that was fun. That’s what I don’t think I can say. That was COMPLAINING!!!!!

The good stuff:

I found another box of tissues

Fuck the bitch for telling me what was wrong with my book – that’s not what I was calling to hear, AND, I get that’s her job – I’m over it – I didn’t set out to do a perfect cover – I set out to publish my book and I DID THAT!!! Fuck you very much, bitch.

OOPS -this is supposed to be the good stuff – ok, I say that with love. Kiss kiss kiss.

I’ve been in action with work – setting appointments – the fact that over half don’t happen is just part of the game, right? I can only control MY ACTIONS, not theirs.

I am drinking cocoa tea. I may switch to alcohol. Last night I found hard seltzers in my fridge. I drank two. I tracked the points, had a nice numbing buzz and had a great sleep. What could be bad about that?

Tonight I might break out my wine. I can’t drive or see anyone since no one “wants to get sick.” So why not? As long as I track my points, it’s all good!!!!

So what if I stopped drinking at home without meaning to – this is an emergency!!!!

OK – so I’m numbing myself. Seeing that guy really threw me for a loop. And I didn’t even talk to him. It’s my brain that is making up shit. UGH UGH UGH

OK, enough. This is making me feel worse, not better. Here’s the video:

I tried to put on a catchy title – my daughter sent me a video of one with a good title

The title doesn’t really relate to the video, but I’m not in the mood to care. Let’s see if people find it.


I shouldn’t have blogged or recorded today. BUT I DID!!

I’m going to break out my wine.

Have a good night.

PS I just added a new author to my Amazon Author profile named, Hilary A Burns. We will see if that works. One comment taken care of………

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