New Invention – For WW Point Optimization

Can someone invent a bagel cutter that cuts the bagel into three parts?

OK, let me back up:

I have decided I am visualizing my self 10 pounds thinner (instead of getting fatter and fatter), and I am going to lose the weight with ease, and joy, eating foods that I enjoy.

Well, I enjoy bagels.

Here’s the problem with that. I decided to weight one. It is very heavy and therefore has about a zillion WW points.

What I figured out, though, is that if I cut them in three, they are way less – @1.5 ounces on average. This translates to 4 pounds for 1.5 oz and 3 points if you round it down to 1 3/8 which of course I do. I mean, my little food weigher is not exact, so I take the liberty of saving the 1 point. (Could be why I’m not losing weight, but I’m not going there. I am visualizing success I just remembered).

(Oh, and why I would like a bagel cutter to cut the bagels into three, is that cutting them by hand is a little scary. Once you cut the first third, it’s flimsy and hard to cut the rest into the second and third thirds, and would be very easy to cut right into your own hand by mistake!)

I reached maintenance weight back in January of 2013 by by visualizing myself at my desired weight, jumping on and down with my Victory V, celebrating hitting my maintenance number.

(This was right after I finished the first writing of my book. It took me SEVEN YEARS to publish it, but I did it. I am staying proud!!!)


I did my video on the first law of the three laws of performance. How people perform correlates to how situations occur to them. (I will not repeat what I said on the video). But, suffice it to say that it was fun to create a new occurring world for work and relationships.

Why keep having the same future? Let’s create something new.

Also, my exploration into “saying what can’t be said,” has spread to Australia. My daughter’s friend was repeating it to her.

“Say what can’t be said, Haley,” he said in his cute Australian accent.

And so she did. She said what she didn’t even know was bothering her and created affinity and love on the spot.


It’ working, folks. People are creating freedom by saying what can’t be said, all over the freaking world.

Here’s the video:

How to Create a New Future for Yourself – How Cool is That?

OK, have a great day. Thanks for listening.

The sun came out – I’m opening my door!!!!

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