Gateway to Freedom

I love that term. I made it up today.

I did an experiment that I talk about on my video. Or at least I tried to describe it. It was hard to put it into words. Very hard.

I allowed myself to experience, instead of resist, my funk. And, I broke through it rather quickly!!! It was very cool.

Here’s my story:

In the morning, I just didn’t feel excited. I didn’t want to work. My body felt off as well.

I tried sharing it. That started the ball rolling.

I tried getting deeper into it without resisting it.

I tried to work, but I was still so negative that I stopped – I knew I wouldn’t have good results with my shitty attitude. I was going to be right that no good would come from my efforts. So why bother doing it?

I got on my couch and meditated.

The video describes my process. It was very cool.

It worked – Gateway to Freedom Process – WOW!

Anyway, that’s all she wrote for today, folks. Gotta get on a call.

I will just say that I feel like I’m back to the excited person I was on Thursday before the shit hit the fan and I turned into “an asshole” and fell onto the suck side of life.

I am back to the right side, folks! The process worked.


Thanks for listening and have a great night!

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