In the Library (so I can’t record-I have to be quiet)

I am in the quiet part of the public library so I can’t do a video.

I am trying to work through the aftermath of an email I received a couple of hours ago.

A client told me that she heard I had spoken inappropriately to an employee, trying to recruit them away from her company. I was no longer allowed on their premises.

Come again? Seriously?

I have responded twice telling her that I am a professional and would never try to recruit a happy employee.

I think the person I was talking to (I’m finally remembering after a couple of hours), was complaining that she might not have a job there. So I mentioned our sales opportunity. I think that’s what happened. I always mention our sales openings when someone is looking for a career opportunity.

She must have reported me and told some other version of what happened.

I was upset because this woman, I will call her Jane, dismissed me without the chance to discuss what happened.

This happened to me before. I was accused of sharing another employee’s salary with someone. That company didn’t let me come back for a year. Now, they do, but they watch me like a hawk.

I would never tell someone someone else’s salary. That’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t do that. But I had no opportunity to defend myself. Once accused, I was guilty.

While I know things happen that we can’t control, I guess I felt betrayed by Jane. I have known her for about 8 years. While we are not friends outside of our open enrollments, I thought she liked and respected me.

AND, JUST LAST WEEK, I let go of letting what other people say or do affect me. Just last week. I thought I was free and over that.

Guess not!!

This has obviously hit deep. My ACT is that I am nice, a team player, professional, and GOOD.

This doesn’t happen to GOOD people.

But as I have seen with my book, in actuality, I am not always that good. I make mistakes. I do things that seem right in the moment, only to not seem so right afterwards. I do the best I can.

I guess I am human. I guess shit happens. And I guess this woman is doing the best she can. Her communication was her best at that moment in time.

If I’m really honest, that client was a waste of my time. They had been turned off of AFLAC when my former husband talked too long during a presentation many years ago. He was given ten minutes and talked for 30.

We haven’t been able to meet with the employees since then. If you can’t see them, you can’t take care of them or sell them anything. So what am I holding onto really?

I guess I can let it go. We are all human beings doing the best we can. If this is her best, that is ok.

If I made a mistake talking to that employee, then I will learn from that experience.

OK, I feel much better.

Thanks for listening.

Have a great day.

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