Two Recordings

Going to work on my goals so I don’t have time to write more.

I’ll share both videos that I did today. One is long. I was working through yesterday’s issue again. I think I’m finally free.

The second one was something I needed to say about doing these videos.

I just found where the comments were on my videos. So nice. I responded.

That’s it.

OK – I’ll get over it – after this recording!!!!

Second One

Using my negativity for the good

Someone shared a youtube video with me and I watched it. Then Abraham Hicks came on automatically. I guess that is what I needed to hear. It’s called:

Let Your Magic Come Back. I sort of wish I could see them, but it’s just a recording.

I guess I needed to hear it – the universe talking

That’s it. My friend’s about to arrive.

Thanks for listening.

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