Goals, Productivity and Lady Gaga

Here is my video where I talk about how productive I’ve been. I am amazed at what I am accomplishing.

All because I made some 90 day plans. Who knew?

Goals, plans and being productive

I forgot to mention in the video that last night I listened to an interview with Oprah and Lady Gaga.

A few days ago, on instagram, I had seen a snippet of Oprah running back stage and embracing Lady Gaga (Stephanie) and telling her what an amazing job she had done.

I wondered about it for a few days. Lady Gaga looked like she was in shock and Oprah was just hugging her and telling her she did great.

Last night I saw the podcast on Oprah’s Super Soul channel.

I listened to it driving home. I couldn’t stop. Usually I just listen to the rest the next day. Last night I kept listening when I got home. I finished it.

Lady Gaga was unreal. She was so honest and raw about what she’s been through that I was completely in awe and inspired.

She told about how she is handling her chronic pain and mental health. She hid nothing. It made me feel that I have nothing to hide.

That I can continue being the Real Me.

i was blown away by her courage and vulnerability. She said she asked God to guide her in speaking and I believe that’s what happened. (My opinion). She was in the flow.

God bless her and all of us for our unique journeys and challenges.

As Joel Osteen says, “God isn’t surprised what happens to us. He knows we can handle it. It’s the way we get stronger.”

Well, sometimes that’s helpful and sometimes it isn’t.

I mean, sometimes it just seems too much to handle. Like when my dad died. But three years later, the pain has eased. I miss him, but I experience love when I think of him, instead of pain.

And with my mom’s decline. It seems unbearable at times. But, like with my dad, I know I will get through it and in time the sadness will ease.

It’s life and we don’t always have to like it.

That’s all I’ve got tonight.

Thanks for listening.

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