Working Through My Twist

I have this issue in my mind.

This video was me trying to work out where I STAND.

Caught in the middle – WHY? WHAT CAN I SAY?

It helped me to see that I am in the middle of two warring sides. I don’t like being in the middle. I don’t like conflict.

This helped me to see:

  • what I could say
  • what I was making things mean
  • where there are shoulds
  • what I agree with and disagree with

It’s a little long but in case it helps someone else I am going with it. I don’t know if other people get caught in the middle. Maybe it’s only me.

My old, pleasant, unwilling to speak up and get someone mad self.

OR NOT? Maybe I’m smart not to get involved.


OK, gotta go. I have a call in 5 minutes.

Thanks for listening.

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