Check it Out – FREE ADVICE

I went on my a webinar today. It talked about “Guest Posting.”

Susie Moore was fabulous. It was a great sales pitch. She invited us to CHAT, send questions, tell her our dreams and goals:

“What do YOU want?”

“Do you feel this is right for you?”

I was right in there with her. It looked like a fabulous system for making lots of money effortlessly and with little time. Who wouldn’t want that?

I was almost tempted to ENROLL. Remember, I’m the salesman’s dream.

But I didn’t. I am so proud of myself. I did NOT press the button to SPEND MORE MONEY.


And I loved the idea she was selling: Guest Posting.

And I realized I’ve already done it. I’ve been published on

I had forgotten.

So, like I was sharing in my earlier blog, I don’t need to GIVE MY MONEY to everyone who has a good idea. I’m sure Susie Moore’s program is awesome.

And still, my heart was racing when I looked at the ENROLL button. It was the same stress I felt the last two times I signed up for stuff.

I stopped to think. I really didn’t WANT to do her program. I just want the results. Wow!

I am proud of my restraint. And, I am proud that I just published an article. Here it is:

It was easy, just like Susie Moore said.

I’m going to look for more opportunities for free information. It’s GOOD STUFF! After all, they are giving it away.

OK, I have to get on a call.

Have a great Sunday.

Thanks for listening.

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