This is FUN for me!!

I love recording my videos and writing my blogs.

I guess because I get to share.

I don’t even know if anyone is listening. For whatever reason, when I’m recording, I’m not worried about that.

The good thing is no one can interrupt or give me their unwanted and sometimes damaging advice. So it’s fun.

What else do I love to do?

  • jigsaw puzzles – it’s relaxing and distracts me from worrying
  • reading – same as long as it’s a good story – I don’t like long descriptive paragraphs with no dialogue or action – I skim through those parts
  • looking at the water – it’s relaxing and peaceful
  • dancing to music with a good beat and I know the words (rare to know them all, but at least I usually know the chorus) – I suppose I’d be dancing with others – that’s really fun – dancing alone probably is NOT so much fun
  • working out – I feel productive, get my energy and body moving – and I love when I’m done even more
  • reading by a pool or on a deck in the sun – relaxing
  • eating food I enjoy – this is a tough one not to have wrongness about – but I did it yesterday and it was very nice
  • listening to people share themselves
  • creating life with people – usually after the one above
  • acknowledging people so they get what’s great about them
  • sharing and saying what’s scary – I love creating intimacy, closeness and realness

Why am I writing these?

  • Because it reminds me to enjoy my life
  • After the last few weeks of self-imposed stress, I am happy to be experiencing freedom and peace again
  • There is no where for me to get to
  • I don’t need a relationship to be validated or to matter
  • Worrying about the future – money, weight, dementia, getting hurt or sick, the weather, whether I’ll sleep or not – just doesn’t help or create peace – and I was doing a lot of that lately
  • Trying to get it right leads to no where good
  • Thinking I HAVE TO do something – lose weight, make more money – just causes stress and literally causes weight gain and lack of money – IT DOESN’T WORK!!!
  • I’m thinking that I could enjoy my job if I bring in what I love to do. I could listen to clients, let them share, acknowledge them, etc. It would be fun and I could reduce my dread of going back after the New Year’s.

OK – thanks all about that.

I just added cards and a poll to this video. How fun. A new toy. I’ll add that to my list of likes. I love to discover new things and explore. Let me know if these polls work!!

I put three polls in here. It’s long but lots of really great topics!!!

OK, I’m going to go relax. My new thing. It’s Sunday. Why not?

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Thanks for listening.

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