Trial and Error and Mostly Error

This is not what I was trying to copy and paste.

OK – this is the logo in progress. We still have to change the pink. It’s for my web site. One of the things I don’t know how to do is center and align and make fit. I have learned how to do some things, and I am completely clueless on others.

But I am making progress. I am learning. It isn’t easy.

What I learned is if I can get through the frustration stage, I can get to little bits of progress and pride.

I’m not sure I’m at the fun stage yet, but I’m getting there.

Won’t it be great when I can really create and update and play with my REAL WEB SITE. And feel confident doing so. It’s just a learning curve, I hope.

The reason I was in a hurry to get something up and running was because I put on my book cover that I had a web site. I didn’t want people to go there and not find one.

If you want to go see it, you are welcome. It is literally in its infancy so NO JUDGING!!!

OK – well obviously it’s not working to embed so so much for what I learned today.

You should be able to go to

That’s all I know.

And here’s the video. I have to go. Adios.

Nothing is working but I’m not giving up. Enjoy!!!

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