The “Suck” Comes and Goes

These pictures are really not very good!!!!

OK – this video was about how I learned that I don’t suck in sales. It was a miracle. I was enjoying my day today, being productive. Ladeedahdeedah.

Then, I just called a client at 5:00. The time was had agreed to talk so she could decide about the life policy she was going to get. She didn’t pick up. I tried her again. Then texted her.


The suck returned in an instant. BOOM!! DOWN THE NEGATIVITY TUNNEL!!!!!!

I got the idea to make a suck list. It could be all the triggers into the Land of Suck.

But wait – I’ve done this before. I used to have a different blog. It was called “Tired of Feeling Bad.”

I talked about the “Two Sides of Life.”

The left was the suck side of life. The right was the good side.

I had lists of what sent me over to the left.

And strategies to get me back to the right.

It was good stuff. I guess I need one of those strategies right now.

NOTE: I just texted this girl to let me know another good time to talk. I had been looking forward to making some money today from my potential sale. BUT NO!!!!!!!! NOT HAPPENING TONIGHT!!!!


OK BACK TO THE STRATEGY: Let it go. Work on my puzzle. Breathe.

OK. I was annoyed but now I am back. I am MOVING ON!!!!

Thanks for listening. Breathe. Breathe Breathe.

Have a great “right side” night!!!!

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