Hallelujah!! My Book is On Sale!!

I am sitting in the airport in Mexico City. In ten minutes I have to run to get my plane.

I just had to let you know…..

I just got the email saying my files were approved. Which means……

I PUBLISHED MY BOOK ON AMAZON!!! It took all week of wrong files, bleed, trim size, glossy vs matte, all sorts of answering questions I had no idea about.


Thank you for sharing this moment with me. I am (of course) crying.

I didn’t quit. I didn’t give up. I had to have patience which I don’t particularly enjoy.


Here is the link!!!


I don’t know what will happen when people read it. It’s personal. It’s courageous. I did some stuff!!! I feel vulnerable.

But it’s real.

I love you guys!! That’s what I learned this week. I can say I love people.

I never said it FOR REAL. It was kind of luv ya, etc.

This week I learned to REALLY LOVE!!

ANOTHER THING: I hired a coach to help me monetize the blog, videos and book in some way. So I can keep doing them and create an amazing lifestyle!!!

Because this is what I love to do.

Thank you all for your loving patience and support.

Viva La Mexico.

I don’t want to miss my plane.


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