Cucumber Eye Picture

Well the picture is too dark, but…….

It only gives you three “thumbnails” to choose from, and none of them were good, so that’s why my head is chopped off – ……………………….it was either constipation look, mug shot, or this one…………..


Although I am just back from vacation and should be rested and relaxed, I AM NOT!!

I got home late last night and got up to go to the gym early so I could get to my office. Luckily, the guy I was meeting texted me that he was sick (I know, aren’t I terrible for being happy about it), so instead of rushing to my office, I took my time. I went to the chiropractor, food shopping, and then home. I dragged my multitude of luggage, groceries, computer bag, mail, packages, etc. down my sandy wet path, and up the stairs into my house. It’s the ultimate in shlepping.

Yes, I carry alot of stuff with me. I needed vacation things, work things, and workout things, plus the mail and packages that had been delivered to my mother’s house. (Her house is my mailing address since my rental cottage is not for the whole year.)

I’m still sorting through everything. The clothes in my luggage felt wet – maybe they were just cold, but just in case they WERE wet, I didn’t want to put them away soggy, so right now they are all over my floor. Just saying……It’s a mess.

Then there’s my back. I thought I had messed up my leg since it was hurting the whole week. I figured I was just old and had danced too much.

So I went to the chiropractor. Apparently, it’s one of the discs in my back. The pain from my back is radiating down my leg. Is that a good thing? I guess it’s good for my leg, but not so good for my back.

After kvetching all morning, I finally broke down and took some motrin. It “used to” be my favorite drug. I try not to take it anymore since I was kind of addicted at one point.

However, since I was tired of feeling bad (my old blog name), I treated myself. Because being in pain sucks. Just saying……….

OK, now that I have whined.

The week was so much fun. Being around great people who are happy to see me is the best. Playing water volleyball, pool jenga, dancing lessons in the shallow water, disco dancing, having all your meals served, not having to clean anything up, AND, not having to pay for anything – oh, except the massages and blow outs (hair) – did I mention the spa services were 75% off the price. It’s a great way to live.

I had a four hands massage. Very interesting. Theses two ladies massage you in unison. One is pulling your arm, the other pulling your leg. It was nice, but I think I’d prefer the regular one, it’s not as confusing and a little more relaxing.

Oh wait, the regular one was Deep Tissue. I forgot about that – the painful parts were definitely NOT RELAXING. I kind of screamed during the back part and then had a nightmare when I dozed off that she had broken my knee and I’d never walk again. I guess I was a little stressed during that one, too. Thankfully when I got off the massage table I could still walk. Phew. Boy, was I glad I had imagined it.

BACK TO ME TODAY: I guess I can allow myself to just be tired. I traveled 17 hours yesterday. I danced for hours 3 of the nights, worked out every day, played the other games, woke up early for the gym, etc. AND, had the stress of trying to get my book published all week. I forgot about that.

While I’d like to think I’d come home relaxed like I said, I guess I can just allow myself to whine, moan and take it easy NOW.

What a novel concept.

I am now talking to my friend in Costa Rico who is doing a virtual healing on my back. He’s talking to me and I am only sort of listening. Oops. I better pay attention.

OK, I’m back. I took a nap and now I still feel like crap. Probably dehydrated. Too much good ole caffeine, alcohol, working out and not enough water. Let’s go with that. It’s an easy fix. DRINK WATER. Good action plan.

Well, this blog has taken me 4 hours to finish between working, naps, phone calls, etc. So, who knows if it makes sense?

I just read through it and it doesn’t. But it’s REAL. This is me. This is what people say they like. So, I’m keeping it real.

Maybe misery likes company? Maybe people feel better about themselves when they see how miserable I can admit to being?

Who knows?

(And, I’m not really miserable, OK? Don’t tell me I don’t have to suffer!! I’M TOTALLY NOT! And, don’t tell me to BE HAPPY! I AM!! And, don’t tell me I’m a DRAMA QUEEN! Well, ok, I guess I DO like to turn my incidents into humor for the entertainment factor.)

If you don’t get that I’m using my crap to try to entertain you, GET IT!!!! AND, DON’T TELL ME HOW TO BE!! I guess the following incident is still striking my nerve!!!

Here’s what happened yesterday when I was about to get in the van for the airport.

ME to someone: “I hate to leave. I hate saying goodbye.”

SOMEONE WHO OVERHEARD ME: “You don’t have to suffer.”

I wanted to wring her neck. “I’M NOT SUFFERING. I’M STATING A FACT. I DON’T LIKE IT.”

(Yes, I’m yelling now. I said it nicely yesterday. I guess it plugs in my “I should be another way”, button. Oh well. It pissed me off and now I’m reliving my pissoff. BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE

Well, I’d better get back to something……….

Thanks for listening. And have a great day.

Oh, don’t forget to watch the video. So you can hopefully laugh at the cucumber eyes trauma.


Thanks again.

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